“The BCCIE is an amazing, supportive group of professionals concerned about the community of businesses in the Inland Empire. So glad I joined such a phenomenal organization”   – Curtis Smith


“A very positive, informative and inspirational group.”   -Crystal Hightower Douglas


“BCCIE was a place we could go to meet locals who had the same passions for community and new business creation, it was also a place Tammy Martin-Ryles made sure we had a warm meal and always a warm hug with words of encouragement or great advice. When I needed a suit for my first Black Tie event ever, Navarre Bell made sure I had one. When I needed support for a Youth Entrepreneurial Educational Program I said, “let’s build it with BCCIE!” and now the program has a full team, a name, a curriculum, lesson plans, a fiscal sponsor, financial resources on the horizon and it has only been 3 months in planning! Black Chamber of Commerce is the place to begin creating your business network for business in San Bernardino & Inland Empire! If you are an entrepreneur you should come on out to a meeting by BCCIE and you will keep coming back!”   -Rusty Palmer


“The group is very positive and seems to be one of the most enthusiastic BCC in the state.”   -Stefan Lambert


“A positive influence that is dedicated to leading by example with the necessary structure for community and business growth.”   -Christopher Jarvis


“Excellent, love the support for professionals.”   -Tye Jackson

“It’s wonderful, a wonderful group of people. Great energy, high energy, good networking. I met a lot of great people. I had a good time, a lot of wonderful knowledge. I will definitely be back.”     -Milan


“I loved it (the mixer). It’s very good and very informative…gave me some ideas that I didn’t have before which I will use.”     -Ron Wilson


“I am apart of the Black Chamber because it’s important to be apart of your community network. The speaker that we had tonight (Chuck Douglas) was amazing. He talked about the things you need to do to get out of your own way to expand your business and expand your life.”    -Yvonne Graham Jackson


“If you’re not a member, you should become a member because it opens up so many doors to so many people and just networking I’ve met so many people through the Black Chamber of Commerce. Come out and join.”    – Vinceena Block


“I love the Black Chamber…all the energy. If you were not here (at the mixer), you need to be here. You need to get down here. It’s amazing people, professionals for all levels. The bottom line is that we are all here to help each other.”   –Saundra Marie


“I thought the mixer was fantastic, hearing from Chuck (Douglas) was really good”   -Mike Anthony


 “This mixer was lit. For real we had a great speaker, Chuck Douglas. If you weren’t here, you missed out. It was a packed house!” BCCIE:”It’s very great. Especially for me, I’m in my late twenties and it was a no-brainer. If you’re a very young entrepreneur, take advantage of the opportunity. Even if you’re older than 25, take advantage of it. It’s so cool.”    –Mariano Padilla


“The mixer tonight was really informative and I really liked it. It (the Black Chamber of Commerce IE) is something I’m going to look into.”    –Melvin Blackbear


“Tonight was absolutely amazing. You need to know if you have a business of any sort, you don’t have to be black, we have some really valuable information. I connected with so many people that I knew, that I didn’t know. I mean I didn’t know what to expect…this is the place to be, so come out.”   –Whitley Porter


“Tonight was amazing. If you haven’t been here you should definitely show up. We learned a lot, there was a great speaker, and I look forward to the future.”  -Tierra Patterson


“Tonight was definitely a great event. It was my first time here, checking everything out and I definitely like what I see. Our presenter here today did very well, got me very excited. Outside of that, I need the paperwork to join.”   –Malik Mallory


“Tonight was just extraordinary and our guest speaker talked about how we can better improve our business and how we can better focus on customer service… and the people that are here are so sincere and wonderful. It’s just a wonderful opportunity to come out…You need to come out and just experience, one time, one time, and I’m sure you’re going to be like ‘I need to go back.’ Businesses need to uplift each other and this is the opportunity to do it. Just come on board and I’m sure you’re gonna want to get involved.”    –Marlene Davis


“The Black Chamber is thumbs up and I’d recommend it to anybody who wants to do business and get more out of your business.”   –Chuck Douglas


“I was really impressed by Tammy’s speeches, Floyd’s speeches, the guest speaker. Again, this is my first time coming and I’ll be back. It’s very, very interesting.” 


“The Black Chamber of Commerce to me is a ground where you can open up and share what you’re about without having any pressure of being nervous, to really be honest with what you’re trying to do with your business and for the people around you. Being here was an experience I won’t forget and valuable every time I interact with the business owners in the Black Chamber of Commerce. So I’m so thankful to come out tonight and it’s something you would be interested in joining and experiencing.”   -Dean Race


“I have had great experience with BCCIE. I look forward to attending the meetings every month. The board members are so encouraging. The positive energy from all the board members and the support is unbelieveable!!! BCCIE is an awesome group of positive group of professional people that really care about their members and want their members to be successful in their endeavors. They truly have a heart and love for their members!” 


“I am a new business owner of a beauty salon. When I started with the chamber a month ago, I had no operators for my salon! Now, through networking at chamber events I have two operators and interviews pending!”     -Salon 6O8


“We learn great information, a good networking place. Great events are hosted by them. They are making a difference in the African American and other business sectors.” 


“In the past year as a member of the BCCIE, I have made fantastic networking connections and gained a lot of information on growing my business. It has been worth the time and money invested.”     -Michelle Pierce, EV Nirvana


“The Black Chamber of Commerce is a great place to meet business professionals supporting people.”         


“Being a member has been a great experience and I have completed a couple transactions.”